Concept of planning

Concept of Planning

Planning is the combination compiling and analyzing information, dreaming up ideas using logic and imagination and judgment in order to arrive at a decision about what should be done.
Health planning is the process of defining community health problems, identifying needs and resources, establishing priority goals and setting out administrative action needed to reach those goals.

Panning shows us: where are we now, which problems are important to be solved, where are we going, with what, how, by whom and by when.

It is a decision made beforehand about how the implementation of planning activities will be take place as described in the following tables.

The important components of all these & other definitions are in the Table below

Where are we now? Assessing the situations and identify the problem
Which problems are important to be solved? Priority setting of the identified problems
Where are we going? setting Objectives/ goals
With what? Resources (plan)
How? Efficient implementation of strategies and activities
By Whom? Who
By when Time
Monitoring and evaluation Follow up of the implementation (how do we know that we are implementing the plan in the right direction and how do we know we have achieved it)

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