Anesthesia planning

Anesthesia Planning

Planning for the anesthesia providers is crucial to care for the surgical patient in the perioperative periods. The anesthesia plan be completed can after the preoperative evaluation, The plan should list drug choices and doses in detail, as well as anticipated problems. Many variations on a given plan may be acceptable, but the trainee and the supervising anesthesia provider should agree in advance on the details. Intra-operative anesthesia management generally follows the anesthesia plan, but should be adjusted based on the patient's responses to anesthesia and surgery. The anesthesia provider must evaluate a number of different information pathways from which a decision on whether to change the patient's management can be made. Important patient care decisions reflect the preoperative evaluation, creating the anesthesia plan, preparing the operating room, managing the intraoperative anesthetic, and postoperative care and outcome. The specific anesthesia plan may have implications for preparing additional equipment decisions. (Anesthesia planning for a patient undergoing surgery will be covered in study session of module 3 study session VII)

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