Writing the plan

Writing the Plan

The final step in the planning process is writing the plan

The Purposes of Writing the Plan Are

  • To request funds or resources from the government or funding agencies
  • For monitoring and evaluating the implementation process by all concerned bodies.
  • A plan can be written in several ways. Some organizations may require plans to be written on specific way.

An Outline of Writing the Plan May Include
i. Summary is important because it gives a clear idea of what is going to be done without going through the plan document. Decision makers (those who approve the plan) may not have time or may not want to read the whole document. Decision on whether to support the plan or not may often depend on the summary.
ii. A problem statement explanation of the background, the problem to be dealt with, the reasons for undertaking the plan.
iii. Objectives and targets: - to be clearly stated
iv. Strategies and activities responsibilities should be allocated for each activity.
v. Resources needed and how they are going to be utilized specify budget required
vi. Monitoring and evaluation periodic and end of programme assessment, how, by whom, when, indicators of effectiveness.
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