In the previous study session you have learned about managerial functions and mechanism of effective utilization of resources in the context of health care system. Anesthesia like most other health professions highly requires working in a team. You may remember from your previous level IV learning that in the operation theater there are two types of team members; the sterile and unsterile or clean team members. You also remember that anesthetists are members of one of these teams, which is the unsterile team. A highly coordinated group work and effective communication is required among different teams and each of the team members. Effective communication is not only required among different teams and team members but it equality it important in the relationship with clients who receive direct care and their families. In this study session you will learn about health team and communication. Therefore, in this study session you will learn about different types of teams in the health care system and communication in the health care context. The leanings in this study session will help you to be equipped with all the necessary knowledge, skills and the right attitude required to work and communicate effectively in the health care team.

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