In the previous module you have learned about how to plan, monitor and manage quality in anesthetic nursing. In this module, you will learn how to maintain effective health work environment, which will help you to gain the knowledge, skills and right attitudes required to maintain an effective work environment in a health setting by monitoring, coordinating and promoting the implementation of ethical, safe and effective work practices in line with the established work requirements. In addition you will learn about occupational health safety and ethics. The module consists of six sessions. Session I addresses Workplace Ethics and culture of effective communication. In Session II you will cover the process of resolution of conflicts in the work place. Session III covers how to participate in team processes, maintain a positive approach and positive attitude in the work place. In Session IV Monitoring professional work standard and performance and Career development will be covered. Session five addresses occupational safety and health in anesthesia and in the last session VI Fundamentals of Ethical Standards and Values in anesthesia will be discussed.

In order to maintain an effective work environment it is of a paramount importance to have a proper work place ethics. Work place ethics is the glue that holds organizations together. Unethical work practices affect the overall organizational work process negatively. If unethical practices continue without being addressed in the workplace, they will create adverse effects such as, conflicts and employee demotivation. Developing a culture of effective communication is also equally important for maintaining effective health work environment. Therefore, this session will equip you with all the knowledge, skills and the right attitude required maintaining effective health work environment through exercising proper workplace ethics and culture of effective communication.

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