Functions of workplace ethics

Functions of Workplace Ethics

Ideally, workplace ethics keep employees and organizations from doing the wrong thing and are used as a reference to determine if an employee has acted unethically. The right course of action is difficult to determine in many situations. Sometimes it's not enough to simply ask, Is this ethical? A set of distinct moral values is required to determine morally correct actions. At the most basic level, workplace ethics keep employees from violating laws

Ethics in the workplace can work for you in basically two ways. They can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Organizations that have a well defined ethics policy that is followed closely will have better morale.

So What Is a Leader to Do?

The good news is that you can reverse many bad practices of ethics in the workplace. The bad news is that it's going to take long time. In order to reverse the process leaders need to understand what ethics are. Then determine what unethical issues their organizations have.

Work place ethics is the glue that holds organizations together. It is doing the right things the right ways by following policies and procedures. Leaders must understand the differences between moral values and ethical principles. Moral values are what guide our behavior. While Ethical principals are the ways we are expected to act in the workplace.

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