Importance of appropriate dispute resolution in your workplace

Importance of Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Your Workplace

All work settings, big or small, likely need some form of appropriate dispute resolution or already have a process in place. Conflicts have two features that is they may have positive aspect which means if properly handled they can be constructive and contribute to improved organizational performance or conflicts can have a negative outcome or they can be destructive unless they are properly managed .

Conflicts-the Good

It would be an unusual workplace without any differences of opinion. Likely, it would be a dull place with no competing suggestions on how to do things.

It would also be a place stuck in the past without any new ideas on how to run the operation or create and deliver products and services. Conflicts can be positive. You've likely heard of creative conflict and tensión

Conflicts-the Bad and the Ugly

The trouble isn't necessarily with conflicts but with how we deal with them. Many conflicts, if unresolved, can affect the workplace negatively.

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