In study session III you have learnt

  • An effective work team is more than just a group of people working towards a common goal. It's a team of people who enjoy working together, share information and ideas, contribute in a positive way and work out difficulties before they develop into long-term problems
  • As a coordinator, you must be a good role model for your team and be enthusiastic and participate in all aspects of work
  • The ways actively participate in all team process as an effective coordinator include: make sure everyone understands their tasks, provide support in implementing the work plan and observe and seek information
  • Among these ways to maintain a positive approach to health in the workplace include: management of stress, exercise, healthier food and positive attitude.
  • Some of the advantages of positive attitude include: creating a positive environment, helping to achieve goals, and increasing productivity levels.
  • Principles for maintain a positive Attitude in work place include: positive thinking principle, proactive principle, appreciation principle, small stuff principle, people principle, the self-esteem principle, overwhelm principle, the flexibility principle, response/ability principle, and the self-awareness principle
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