Purpose of conducting performance appraisals

Purpose of Conducting Performance Appraisals

It may be the coordinator's job to conduct regular reviews or performance appraisals of their team members' work. These are formal sessions that give the coordinator and the team member the opportunity to find out how they are performing. The purpose of a performance review is to:

  • make sure the person understands the requirements of their job, particularly the standard of behavior and performance levels required
  • give the coordinator a formal opportunity to provide feedback on the person's performance against key performance indicators or targets included in the job description and work plan
  • review performance against employability skills such as their ability to meet time lines, communicate effectively, be organized and prioritize work, solve problems, work well in their team
  • provide team members with an opportunity to provide feedback about how they view their performance and what has impacted on their performance over the last six or 12 months; for example, they may have taken on more responsibility, they may have had personal difficulties, they may not have had sufficient resources to do their job properly
  • identify training and development needs related to their position and the organisation's goals.

Schedule a time to meet with your team members. Ask them to self-assess their performance before the session. Your organisation may have a form they have to complete prior to the session. Have questions ready that you want to ask the person.

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