In the previous module you have learned about how to maintain an effective work environment in a health setting by monitoring, coordinating and promoting the implementation of ethical, safe and effective work practices in line with the established work requirements. In addition you have learned about occupational health safety and ethics. In this module you will learn about Contributing to policy development, Establish and Conduct Business Relationship, Facilitate and Capitalize on Change and Innovation. This module consists of five study sessions. In study session I you will learn about policy development process. Study Session II through study session IV deal with Establishing and Conducting Business Relationships. In these sessions you will learn about techniques of establishing contact with customer, clarifying customer needs, negotiation techniques, providing information and advice to customers and fostering and maintaining business relationships. Study session V address the issues of Facilitating and Capitalizing on Change and Innovation which include topics on planning for change and ways of developing creative and flexible solutions . Overall, your learning's in this module will help you to be equipped with the knowledge, skill and right attitude that will assist you to contribute to policy development, establish and conduct business relationship and facilitate and capitalize on change and innovation.

When advocating, health care workers must understand that there will be competing priorities, existing policies and legislation that will act as barriers, competition for scarce resources, conflicting positions on the subject, and power vested in others who will need to be influenced. This study session will assist you to understand these forces, use them to your advantage, and thereby advocate successfully. The session will introduce you to the policy development processes including the systems thinking in relation to policy development and analysis processes, as well as political and legislative processes and decision making. Overall the learning's in this study session will help you to acquire the necessary knowledge, skill and the right attitude to contribute your share in policy development.

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