Policy intervention

Policy Intervention

After completing policy analysis, it is now appropriate to look at how to plan policy interventions. When planning policy interventions the following framework of approach is suggested. The frame work consists of two parts that is the feasibility (implementation) and plausibility (design) of the policy intervention plan. The feasibility (implementation) part further identifies resources and the plausibility (design) part outlines the activities, strategy and objectives of the policy intervention. Here is an example of policy intervention to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies in SNNP region.

Policy Interventions to Reduce Rates of Teenage Pregnancies in SNNP Region

Is it Feasible?(Implementation) Is it Plausible?(Design)
Resources Activities Strategy Objectives
Things Needed To do If Then
1) Media public awareness campaign:
a. Market survey of media sources preferred by teenagers.
b. Developed media announcements.
c. Legislative statute allocating necessary monies.
d.Memorandum of agreement with the media (e.g., radio station).
e. Evaluation using pre/post - KAP surveys of the representative high school population.
2) Community clinic-based educational programme:
a. Curriculum development and procurement of teaching supplies and equipment.
b.Legislative statute allocating necessary monies;
c. Centre and outreach worker training;
d.Memorandum of understanding with site ocations (e.g., existing community groups: churches, sports, councils, clinics, women's clubs).
3) School-based educational programme:
a. Curriculum development and procurement of teaching supplies.
b. An inter agency memorandum of under standing.
c. Legislative statute allocating necessary monies.
d. Teacher/ school nurse aide training.
e. Pilot study site to evaluate programme, e.g., pre/post-KAP test. f. School principal's endorsement and parental release agreeing to student's participation.
1) Increased preconceptual education programme:
a.Schoolbased educational programme.
b. Community clinic-based educational programme.
c. Media public awareness campaign
1) Increased preconceptual educational programme
2) Increased rates of prenatal care
3) Increased rates of wellbaby care
To reduce the number of infant deaths born to Pohnpeian teenagers to 15/1000 by 1998 and 10/ 1000 by 2003.

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