Maintenance of customer data

Maintenance of Customer Data

Keeping and updating customer records, establish contact programs, survey customers and keep customers informed is one important aspect of maintain relationship with clients. Therefore, the following tasks help to maintain your customer data.

Keep Customer Records

  • Always Record: title, first and last name, company name, street address and P.O. Box, telephone number and other...
  • If using a manual system ensure data is legible. If using a computer, ensure data is entered in a consistent format.
  • When calling customers confirm details are still correct. Reason: By keeping accurate customer records, you reassure the customer that your business is efficient.

Update Customer Records Regularly

  • Always update customer records when purchases are made.
  • Record every telephone contact by data and nature of call.
  • Regularly phone customers who haven't bought from you for 3 to 6 months. Reason: This ensures you detect buying patterns of your customers, and helps you to maintain appropriate stock levels.

Establish Regular Contact Programs

  • Phone customers based on their buying cycle.
  • Make it coincide with their normal stock ordering pattern.
  • Build new product presentations and cross-sell options into the program.

Survey Your Customers

  • On a regular basis phone your clients to survey them.
  • Get them to rate you on a scale of 1-5, in the areas of: first contact, the sale, delivery, service, and after-sales service.
  • Analyze the results, and distribute findings to all areas of your business.
  • Act promptly to resolve any problem areas, and notify the customer of your action.

Keep Customers Informed

  • Ring to introduce new personnel.
  • Tell customers about new products.
  • Let them know about price changes, delivery timetables and so on
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