Keys to successful selling

Keys to Successful Selling

  1. Know your customers: Gather information about as many of your customers as possible.
  2. Develop a personal relationship with customers: When trying to understand their needs it may be useful to know personal details such as their lifestyle, occupation and interests. This formation is easy to gather once rapport has been established.
  3. Introduce new initiatives such as Customer Focus Groups, Customer Surveys, or even a Suggestion Box: These initiatives send a clear message to customers that you are interested in their input. In a focus group you can also find out valuable information such as what people like and dislike about the offerings of your competitors.
  4. Listen to customer complaints: Be grateful when a customer complains. Let them know that you appreciate feedback - and don't ignore it! Handled sensitivity, a dissatisfied customer often becomes your most loyal customer. The alternative is to let the customer relate their experience to others, resulting in negative, rather than positive, word-of-mouth advertising.
  5. Know the characteristics of your target market (your "customer profile"): This knowledge will assist you with overall business and marketing decisions.

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