In study session IV you have learnt

  • Providing information and advice is of great importance in the delivery of a good customer service.
  • Information and advice that is provided to a client will help :to clarify unclear requests, to help provide the information requested in an acceptable format and to narrow requests which exceed the cost limit
  • In providing information and advice to your customers, you need to identify the customer's needs for information and advice
  • Information and advice should be communicated to customers in ways they can understand and the information should be relevant, complete, accurate and up to date
  • Your clients are your business - so a key part of being successful is cultivating a healthy relationship with them.
  • Some key suggestions to help you foster and maintain those important business relationships include: have a clear contract with your client, get to know your client better, ask more questions, be willing to say no, be willing to say yes, be a problem solver, keep your distance, stay focused, be a learner and work at it.
  • A business agreement is a contract of agreement that sets out in legal terms how a good or service will be provided and the responsibilities of all those who are parties
  • An agreement is used to: formalise an idea or arrangement, document an arrangement for the provision of a service or product, fix a price for the provision of a good or service, ensure outcomes of a negotiation are legally enforceable and a base for legal enforcement
  • Business agreement types could be formal or informal. The need for the type of agreement will depend on the nature of the business relationship.
  • Larger organizations usually required formal agreements because there is a lot of value at stake
  • Small businesses often come to informal agreements on a regular basis
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