In session IV, you have learned about the providing information and advice to customers and you were introduced to the different techniques of fostering and maintaining business relationships, including the process of dealing in business agreements which are important components of Establishing and Conducting Business Relationships. In this study session you will address Facilitating and Capitalizing on Change and Innovation. The learning pack will assist you to understand your role as manager in the planning, introduction and facilitation of change and change programs. In addition it will introduce you to a change agent's role, and to the initial issues surrounding change resistance. It will help you to understand the importance of engaging employees as internal stakeholders, and external stakeholders, in the process. You will also find out about how communication throughout the organisation is an integral part of the change program. Your learning's from this study session will help you acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and right attitudes required to Facilitating and Capitalizing on Change and Innovation in your work area.

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