Supporting individuals and teams

Supporting Individuals and Teams

Coaching and Mentoring

In supporting individuals and teams you can use different approaches such as: Listening and responding to the concerns, providing a safe environment for the discussion, coaching and mentoring.

Change can be stressful. But if you provide a supportive work environment you can help your team through the change process. Include them in discussion about change, and listen to their concerns. Provide a safe environment for discussion -don't criticise them for expressing their opinion. You can also use coaching and mentoring to support your team.

Coaching involves training learners, and encouraging them throughout the learning process. Coaching is offered to individuals and teams with the aim of achieving superior performance or achieving a set goal. Management coaching involves a solution orientated performance based learning process.

Mentoring is the advice offered to an individual over a period of time, to assist their development. This is a beneficial process that can be applied successfully in the workplace to increase the capacity of individuals by encouraging the development of their latent or undeveloped abilities

Overcoming Resistance

There are a number of methods that you can use to overcome resistance to change. Education and communication can help deal with the fear and worry that some employees feel when confronted with change. Negotiation may work in cases where you're able to offer rewards or incentives for acceptance of change. Manipulation and coercion are methods of last resort and almost always they'll have negative consequences as well.

Keeping in Touch With Changing Needs

Keeping up with the changing needs of customers, stakeholders and employees are vital. You have to know their changing needs, and respond to these. There are a number of tools that you can use to monitor changing needs. Keep your established record keeping systems up to date, and improve them where necessary. Conduct regular and open meetings with staff, your team and stakeholders. Survey and talk to customers and suppliers.

Improving Change Management

How can we improve our approaches to change management? Keep the implementation process positive and make sure it is properly monitored and evaluated. To engage your team in the change process it is important to use effective and appropriate communication strategies. Keeping up the momentum means keeping your team focused and on target.

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