Key Knowledge Points

  • Elements of emergency/disaster management involve prevention, mitigation, preparedness/readiness, response and recovery
    • Prevention: preventing or reducing risk of occurrence of disaster
    • Mitigation: measures taken to prevent or reduce the impact of disaster / outbreak or reduce vulnerability of at risk group.
    • Preparedness: is creating capacity, knowledge and system to effectively anticipate, respond, and recover at all levels.
      • Planning for emergency response to save life and impact of emergencies, training and exercises are essential elements.
      • Readiness, putting in place capacities and the systems that enable a rapid and effective response to contain outbreaks before spreading.
Principles of disaster management involve being comprehensive, risk driven, integrated, collaborative and coordinated.
  • Role of IPC/WASH in preparedness, readiness and response is critical
  • IPC is one of the eight pillars of preparedness and response to public health emergencies.
  • Review and enhance orscale up IPC/WASH preparedness and response actions in order to address the state of transmission in countries and localities.

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