Session Content

  • Primary audience: IPC focal person(s) in the health care facility;
  • Secondary audience: Health staff ; HCF workers
  • Duration for the mentoring session: 1 hour

Pre-session work a few days before the session (by the mentor or the trainer)

  • Appointment with the trainees and mentees (appointment is cleared by her/his supervisor); elaboration of session plan; preparation of material required for the session: 1) printing of the pre and post tests ; 2) official information & communication material (IEC poster or leaflets on the topic; 3) additional IEC material you may want to print out from Section 5 “references/reading materials”; additional material required for the demonstration and the practice session or make sure the material is available at the HCF level. Finally arrange the administration and logistics for the field visit.
  • Read the application User’s Guide; familiarize yourself with the app and the IPC module you will use; rehearse the full session including the practise using the app with a colleague playing the role of a mentee and listen to his/her feedback to adjust the session.

Logical steps for the session plan, to be adapted by the mentor or the trainer.

  • Introduction - Introduction of the topic, objective of the session (written on a paper on the wall or handout), and how the session will unfold
  • Open discussion on the topic – how important is the topic for the mentee(s)? what do the mentee(s) know and want to know more about the topic (accurately write down their expectations)
  • Pre-test (and collect the pre-test answers)
  • Didactic session: present the key competencies and key knowledge points (ask mentee to write notes or give an handout). Engage with the mentee through participatory communication. For example you can ask a question on a specific knowledge point, listen the answer, ask another participant to complement the answer, and finally provide a summary of the knowledge points.
  • Demonstration (if applicable): Mentee(s) watch the video(s) showing the practice skills related to the session, video selected by the mentor (5 to 10 min.). Mentee(s) can ask the mentor to stop the video to write down note or ask questions, or rewind the video.
  • Practical session and feed-back: with the material provided by the mentor (or available in the facility), the mentee(s) practice the skills. At the end of the practice, the mentee debrief on the exercise (what worked well and less well), other mentee(s) provide a feed-back too, and the mentor provide complements, if necessary, and concludes.
  • Conclusion: the mentor remind the objective of the session and ask the mentee(s) if the objectives have been met.
  • Post-test (same quizz as for the pre-test)
  • Self-assessment of the quiz by the mentee(s) and correction by and discussion with the mentor.

The session is over. The mentor may ask mentee to fill in an anonymous session evaluation, and if applicable, the mentee and mentor review the mentorship notebook. Presentation of the theme and date for next session and departure protocols.

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