Skills and Practice Activities


(if applicable) Mentee(s) watch the video(s) showing the practice skills related to the session, video selected by the mentor (5 to 10 min.). Mentee(s) can ask the mentor to stop the video to write down note or ask questions, or rewind.

  • Video Title: Needle stick injury general considerations; Source: LabsforLifeproject; Description: To understand the risk with needles, the concepts and prevention measures; Duration: 8'30'' (url link).

Practical session and feed-back

With the material provided by the mentor (or available in the facility), the mentee(s) practice the skills. At the end of the practice, the mentee debrief on the exercise (what worked well and less well), other mentee(s) provide a feed-back too, and the mentor provide complements, if necessary, and concludes.

Videos on proper use and management of sharps, and management of needle stick injuries:

  • Needle-stick Injuries - General considerations (9') (url link)
  • Needle-stick Injury Management (13') (url link)

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