Activity 3: Representing open education

Timing: 4–6 hours

The two resources you’ve just read and viewed provide views on different aspects of what openness means in higher education.

  • Create a visual representation that defines openness in education by drawing on some of the concepts listed in Weller and Anderson (although it is not necessary to include all of them). You can use PowerPoint, an online tool such as Prezi or any other tool of your choice. You may like to share your tool of choice through the Week 1 forum so that others can decide what tool to use.

    The key is to provide a representation that draws together the key concepts of openness as you perceive them. Save it in a form that is shareable, e.g. an image or an embeddable file from elsewhere (such as Flickr, Prezi, etc.).

  • Put your representation in a blog post, with a brief description of it. Remember to tag your post with the tag #h817open. Check that it appears in the course blogExternal link  (it may take a while to appear).


If you have difficulty with visual representations, then you can alternatively create a representation in another medium, including text lists, or audio.

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