Audio Job Aid 2: Side effects of immunisations and how to manage side effects

Key messages in AJA 2:

  • Common side effects from vaccines include slight pain the moment the needle goes in and after receiving a vaccination, a mild fever or maybe redness or swelling where the needle goes in. This is all normal.
  • These things go away by themselves. Putting a clean, cool, damp cloth on it or giving paracetamol to lower the fever also can help. Paracetamol should only be given in the case of a high fever following immunization and only the minimum dose appropriate for your child’s size should be given.
  • All such discomfort or tenderness or soreness at the injection site is minor compared to the serious diseases being prevented through this vaccine.
  • Vaccines have been extensively tested by scientists and doctors and are extremely safe. Every day, all over the world, babies safely receive multiple immunisations.